How to select a right stationary bike?

June 20, 2019 Author: Lulu

With the development of society, people live at an increasingly hectic pace.With less time to exercise, more and more people are turning to stationary bike to get a full body workout with minimal equipment and space requirements.
If you're interested in finding the right stationary bike for your home gym or studio, here's everything you need to know before making a purchase.

What is a stationary bike?

A stationary bike is an exercise machine that allows you to ride without having to go outside or leave your house. You can use this type of equipment for various types of workouts, including cardio and strength training. 

Types of stationary bikes

There are four main types of stationary bikes: Upright bike,Recumbent bike,X-bike,Indoor cycles.
Acquiring a stationary bike is a big step,there are numerous features to look for and benefits to be realized.

Upright bike

Upright bike is the typical type of stationary bike.It has handlebars that allow you to slightly lean forward while pedaling so that your back is straight while riding.It usually has a big size console to trace exercise performance and can withstand moderate exercise intensity.

Recumbent bike

Recumbent bike allows people to exercise with a seated position.It offers a smooth and natural movement, which means less stress on your joints. And they're ideal for people with back problems or other physical limitations that make regular exercise difficult. Normally it's the largest one among the four types of stationary bike and can support relatively low intensity exercise.


X-bike is the most compact one among these four types stationary bikes. It usually designed to be foldable which will occupy the least space at home. It's suitable for beginners who need a stationary bike to start simple exercise but have limit space at residence.

Indoor cycles

Indoor cycles is originally being invented by the South Africa cyclist Jonathan Goldberg"Jonny G" as an commercial use indoor exercise bike for athlete around 1990s.It is designed with the aim of providing a realistic cycling substitute that closely replicates what you would experience on a road or track bike.As it evolved so far,variety of using grade allow it no longer limit to serve at gym or althlete but also entering normal people's home. In terms of workout intensity range support,indoor cycles has the widest workout intensity support among these four.

In conclusion,

If the space occupy is the thing you care most,X-bike will be the best choice.

If there's physical limitation for you,recumbent bike will be the best choice. 

If the pursuit of balance in all aspects is what you need,upright bike will be the suitable one.

If you want a stationary bike that will allow either leisure workout or high intensity workout,the best choice for you is Indoor cycle.

Here we'll take a closer look at indoor cycle.

There are many different types of indoor cycles available, but they all have similar features that make them popular with people who want to stay fit without leaving home. Here's what you need to know before choosing an indoor cycle for your home gym:


-Q factor

The Q factor represents the distance between outside of one crank arm to another. Bikes have a Q factor of 160-180mm, is great for most people.A wider Q factor means your knees will be further apart. A narrow Q factor means they'll be closer together.


A flywheel is what helps makes a smooth and enjoyable riding.The flywheel weight and dynamic balance determines the feel of your pedal stroke.Normally 30-50lb of the flywheel is enough for providing most people with the smoothess and workout they want. Some professional cyclist or fitness  enthusiasts who need strong intensity to stimulate muscles will choose flywheel weight above 50lb. 

-Type of resistence

Resistance is a way for a indoor cycle to give your leg muscles a workout so you can get in shape or warm up before a race. The type of resistance determines how easy it is for you to change resistance levels and how well it imitates real road conditions.There are two types of resistance. These are magnetic and friction resistance. Magnetic resistance is most quiet and smooth. Friction resistance is relatively cheap and it also has different types due to the different materials.The main two types of friction resistance is leather and wool felt.

-Type of transmission

There're two types of transmission exist,belt drive and chain drive.Belt drives are most quiet and smooth, but require an initial adjustment period and need to be occasionally replaced.With a chain-driven drive system, you're riding much like you would with a regular bicycle outdoors. Chain drives offer a great workout experience but are louder while exercising.


The pedals of indoor cycles may come with toe cages or clips for bike shoes that let you pedal powerfully and effectively by keeping your feet securely in place on the pedals. Some cyclists like both options so they can wear regular shoes as well as clip in bike shoes depending on their riding needs at any given time. Some indoor cycles offer pedals that accommodate both options simultaneously which is a nice feature to have if you like having.

-Adjustable position of seat and handlebar

Almost all indoor cycles have a vertical adjustable seat supporter and handlebar supporter so you can get into a position that's right for you. Some indoor cycles have fore/aft adjustment as well to accommodate riders with different torso lengths.

-Transportation wheel

Most people will want to move their cycles around occasionally, so you need to look for this feature if it’s an option. It allows you to easily tilt your indoor bike and roll it around without causing damage or injury.

-Multiple position handlebar

This feature allows for a wide range of users to have numerous exercise options with varying difficulty levels. The multiple positions also offer versatility for upper body strength and training as well as maximum comfort for every user.


A console helps you to track your workout intensity and progress, typically by displaying metrics such as speed, distance, calories burned, and cadence (RPM).
Now more and more console will include bluetooth to connect with APP. See other articles on fitness APP compare.
I believe you must know how to choose a suitable indoor bike for yourself.

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